10 Natural Ways to Keep Longer Erection

Sexual life is an interesting topic that many people want to talk. Both men and women hope to have a satisfying sexual life but some couples have troubles with this. Men meet issues in erection and ejaculation often feel unconfident. These become a nightmare for them. Most of them always want to hold longer erection which can have a satisfaction. But there’re many causes affecting your erection like diabetes, stress, anxiety and diet. These factors may disturb your sexual life and have impact on a couple relationship. Thus, it’s important to find out natural ways to maintain longer erection.

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Holding longer erection will have satisfying sexual life

Holding longer erection will have satisfying sexual life

Why men need to keep longer erection

Through a research, almost 40% of male population are unsuccessful to keep longer their erection level. The cause behind this fact is many, but men still don’t care and want to have successful sex with their partners. In fact, they actually fail to satisfy themselves and their partners.

Due to failure, many men lose their confidence or ego that they can’t find best solution. This problem can occur at any stage and men maybe suffer to achieve the sexual need. Also, low erection may damage your sexual life and relationship as both can’t feel satisfied.

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How to stop low erection

Men are always confused about how to maintain longer erection that have a perfect night with their partner. But, something maybe occurs in the wrong way and make you fail. When erectile troubles come, you should never get blue and unconfident. Especially men who always to make their partner satisfy but because of health problem, they suffer this issue.

To stop low erection, you need to understand your own body which can get rid of the main causes of low erection. Then, find out methods to stop this trouble. There’re lots of natural ways to keep longer and stronger erections. These natural ways don’t require any medical prescription or creams. You may consider to apply them and improve your issue.

Low erection has a bad impact on your sexual life

Low erection has a bad impact on your sexual life

10 naturally ways to keep longer erection

1. Eat healthy diet

Healthy diet is actually important for everyone. If you maintain good diet daily, you can last longer in bed easily. You should differentiate between eating much and eating quality. Eating much doesn’t mean you’ll have more energy for sex. Otherwise, it leads to gain weight and obesity affecting erection. So, you should avoid heavy meals and pay attention to healthy foods. Instead of eating hamburger, fried chicken; for example, you can should take nuts, bananas and eggs. These are some of the best foods to keep your erection longer and stronger. You should also avoid foods that contain too much sugar and salty.

2. Avoid stress

Stress is the main trigger of many diseases and problems. It has a big impact in nervous system and narrows your blood vessels. Besides, stress is considered as an enemy against sexual life. It damages the main part of the body and reduces libido. So, if you’re still thinking about something happened, this can disturb your sex life. Although your body is healthy, your mind is interrupted. It affects your erection. If you want to keep longer erection, you need to avoid stress.

3. Stop smoking and drinking

Smoking and overdose of alcohol may affect your sexual life. They lead to erectile dysfunction as these damage the blood vessels along with your penis. You may not know that smoking will destroy the blood circulation that leads to less capacity of lungs. Too much alcohol can numb your system that result in impotence. Thus, to avoid this, you should quit smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

Too much alcohol may lead to erectile dysfunction

Too much alcohol may lead to erectile dysfunction

4. Do exercise

Exercise is really significant for all people. Doing exercise regularly will help increase erection level. Why? Because exercise helps improve the external rotators of the hip that keeps erection longer. Besides, exercise reduces tiredness and gets more energy which can be effective for sex performance. Once you have good health and body in good shape, you become more confidence and comfort to have sex.

5. Get enough sleep

Because of daily pressure, you may not get enough sleep. But, this harms your health as well as sexual life. Like stress, poor sleep has negative impact on erection levels. As sleeping less will decrease testosterone hormone, you should get enough sleep. And the hormones can be increased when you sleep at night.

6. Limit your sensitivity

If you want to maintain your performance longer, you should have do something to extra. It’s that you have to limit your sensitivity by using a condom during sex. But wearing many condoms will bother you, you should wear a thin condom. If you don’t want to use a condom, you can aim on other things during sex. This will help you last longer erection and you won’t lose your erection.

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7. Don’t masturbate regularly

Masturbation maybe has benefits for you. But doing it too often will harm you. Many men masturbate daily; however, it’s important how you do it. This can really trouble you at the time of sex as you can’t control yourself to have ejaculation. The routine will kill your performance. So, it’s better to stop masturbating daily. Instead, you should focus on other work.

Masturbation too often will harm you

Masturbation too often will harm you

8. Get right position

During sex, positioning rightly will increase the erection size and help you last longer. You can take advantage of gravity of your partner that give you high blood. This helps to better your erection. Then, try to find a right position to perform sex.

9. Brush your teeth

It’s obvious that people brush their teeth daily. But scientists have found that the connection between gum erectile dysfunction. It’s believed that gum illness is linked with heart diseases and have chance to disturb blood flow. So, if you should brush your teeth daily to reduce bad impact on sexual health.

10. Reduce laptop usage

Laptop is an integral thing for your work. But, have you ever thought that using laptop in a long time will affect your sex life? It’s true! Keeping laptop on your lap many hours will impact on your sexual life. The heat from laptop may kill your sperm and affect erection. Thus, it’s better to put your laptop on desk when working.

Getting longer and stronger erection is a dream for most men. But, you may meet erectile problems in sexual life. You can solve the problem with above natural ways. Besides, you can try pills or supplements if possible.



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