How to Prevent an Outbreak of Genital Warts

How to Prevent an Outbreak of Genital Warts

Known as a sexual transmitted disease, genital warts affect most people who have sex. So, all sexual activities like oral, vaginal and anal sex will spread the infection. A study shows that about 50% of American adults at the age from 18 to 59 are infected with the disease. Unluckily, genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Once getting the virus, it will stay in your body forever. Then, outbreaks often occur and disturb your life. Especially, they have big impact on your sexual life. Thus, all people who catch the disease want to remove them as soon as possible. Though HPV can’t be treated totally, treatment options may reduce its symptoms and prevent its outbreaks. If you want to control an outbreak of genital warts, here are some tips for you.

Supply nutrient diet

It’s not strange when foods can help prevent recurrences. They are so vital for preventing an outbreak. By boosting the immune system with healthy foods, you may help control and prevent recurrences. Some foods contain acid folic, vitamin B, C or antioxidant will support your immune function. This works to suppress outbreaks well. Otherwise, foods that are rich in arginine will trigger of many flare ups. So, you should avoid alcohol, processed foods and trans fat foods.

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Take supplements

The main goals of supplements are to promote the immune function and improve overall health. These help prevent nutrient deficiency that can lead to many infections and diseases in the body. If you think your immune system is weak and in dangers of having an outbreak, try to take supplements. Vitamins and other supplements are beneficial for preventing your outbreaks of genital warts.

Do physical activity

Most people who usually keep healthy habits with physical activities will stronger than other ones. This may help their body gain more energy which defeat the attacks. So, doing exercise is a great tool for all people who want to prevent HPV recurrences. Doing yoga, going jogging, walking or playing sports should be chosen.


Keep good personal hygiene

The best way to prevent its outbreak is to avoid direct contact with the virus. Through skin contact during sexual activities, the virus is easy to be spread to another person. Also, keeping good personal hygiene plays an important part of the genital wart prevention. The genitals which are dry and clean can cure current outbreaks fast.

Use home remedies or apply creams

To prevent recurrences of genital warts, you may use essential oils and apply antiviral creams when having some initial signs. Tea tree, thuja and Echinacea oils are effective in curing warts in the initial period. They contain more antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory which kill the virus well. Besides, doctors may recommend you VidaroX. This cream is used to apply to warts. It will can kill the virus in lower skin layers and bring to excellent results. Especially, if you use VidaroX at the first period of an outbreak, you can see the difference fast.


Reduce stress

Stress is the invisible of many diseases. It can lead to many emotional issues like anxiety, fatigue or depression. Moreover, stress is a trigger of many outbreaks. You may develop genital warts recurrence once you develop stress. The best way to prevent HPV outbreaks is to limit stress. You need to reduce your work and take more time to relax. Or you should do anything you like. Once limiting your stress, the risks of outbreaks also lower.

Quit smoking

Smoking can trigger of an outbreak. Many smokers are easier to get a recurrence of genital warts. Besides, smoking is the main risk factor of many diseases like lung cancer, breast cancer and other illness. Thus, if you want to prevent genital warts, you need to stop smoking and practice healthy lifestyle.

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Use a condom

Wearing a condom may cause a little bit uncomfortable during intercourse. But it prevents from getting many STDs, especially recurrences of HPV. Also, it helps protect your partner from catching the disease. Hence, condoms are recommended to use during sex. You should wear them if you don’t want get HPV.

Limit sexual partners

There is a fact that the larger number of sexual partners you have, the higher risks you get. Having sex with a lot of people will give you many dangers of catching the genital warts. It’s good for you to have healthily sexual life.


Genital warts will cause many outbreaks within a year. But other ones may not have any recurrences luckily. In fact, there is no way that can prevent outbreaks forever. However, above tips may help limit dangers of recurrences. It’s important for you to understand your body and take a look at your health. You need to know how your body tells to take care of it right time.



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