How to Treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases During Pregnancy

How to Treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases During Pregnancy

For women, pregnancy is a cheerful time, but most people will experience new health problems. You may get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) during pregnancy. Obviously, you’re too worried about your baby and your health. How you can treat the disease without impacting your baby’s health. It’s a common question asked by most of women with pregnancy. In fact, some STDs may have serious signs and treatments may be dangerous for your baby. So, it’s really important for you to look for best treatment options that help protect you and your baby.

Most common STDs for pregnancy

You may get an STD through sexual contact during your pregnancy. An STD in this period can be worse and have serious impact on both your baby and you. In many types of STDs, there are some diseases you may get easily:

–   Human papillomavirus (HPV). Most people who have sex will contract the disease. It can lead to cancers like cervical, anal, penile cancer in severe cases. Also, HPV causes genital warts in most cases.

–   Genital herpes. The herpes simplex virus type 2 is the main cause of the disease. It usually causes itching and blisters in genital area. You’re most infected when your partner has blisters.

–   Chlamydia. It’s the most commonly STDs in the US. It’s a form of bacterial infection. The disease mostly causes pain during urination and leads to severe complication if you leave it untreated.

–  Gonorrhea. Burning and pain are the common signs of this disease. You may get it during your pregnancy if your partner doesn’t wear a condom during sex. Its treatment with antibiotics may affect your baby.

–   Hepatitis B. You can catch the disease through sex if your partner develops it. Hepatitis may not show noticeable symptoms. But you can identify it by fever, fatigue, yellowing of the white part of the eyes.

How can cure an STD during your pregnancy

1. Meet your doctor

An STD may affect your health and your baby. So, it’s important for you to meet your doctor that will give a diagnosis correctly. Then, she/ he will direct you how to pass the disease without impacting your baby. The first thing you need to tell when meeting doctor is to describe your symptoms and talk about your concern. It’s important to show your openness and honesty with him/her. Let them know if you’re worried about some things.


2. Get tests

After telling your concern, you may get some tests to diagnose what type of infection you get. Treatments also based on your disease. You shouldn’t attempt to treat an STD independently. This may lead to complications and affect both you and your child. Try to ask your doctor some questions, such as:

–  Is it treatable?

–  How can medicines affect me and my baby?

– What are risks linked to the disease?

The doctor will answer your questions clearly and give you a treatment plan to follow.

3. Follow the directions of your doctor

Everyone will have different treatment plan, it depends on the results of your tests. So, you need to follow the instructions to cure your disease. If you leave it untreated, your STD may cause health problems such as premature delivery and disability. Death even can occur. In cases of taking antibiotic, you need to follow your treatment carefully. You should talk your doctor immediately when having some strange signs. Most bacterial infections have to take antibiotics that prevent its spreading to the baby.

4. Heal a viral infection

Some STDs that are caused by the virus can’t be treated. But you can relieve their symptoms and prevent outbreaks with treatments. Try to ask your doctor about safety cures for your health and baby. Instead of taking antibiotic, your doctor may recommend some antiviral creams of foods that fight your disease. For example, if you’re facing with HPV, VidaroX may be given. It’s the best antiviral cream to cure HPV. Besides, it’s made from natural and antiviral ingredients, so it’s safe for your health and baby.


Or when you get genital herpes during your pregnancy, you can apply ProsurX to infected area. It’s also an antiviral cream to cure your herpes and prevent the virus from spreading. In many cases, a viral condition may spread to the baby unless cures. So, you need to cure your viral infection.

5. Keep yourself and your baby healthy

After treatments, you need to take a look at your health. If your disease doesn’t go away or outbreaks recur after a long time, ask your doctor immediately. Besides, you should avoid harmful foods like alcohol, processed foods or trans fat foods. They increase your triggers and aren’t good for your baby.

The other important thing is caring for your emotions. Most pregnant women experience some troubles of emotions. So, you can be happy or get angry in a minute. If getting an STD, your emotion is affected strongly. When combined hormonal changes, it will have bad effect on your baby. Thus, you need to take rest and think about positive things.

Pregnancy is a happy and important period. So, you need to take care of your health carefully that protects yourself from an STD. Try to ask your partner wear a condom when having sex. If you get it unluckily, try to follow the instructions of your doctor. It’s important for cure your disease to make sure that it can’t affect your baby.



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