My History and VidaroX

My History and VidaroX

This is my story with genital warts, and I feel like sharing this would help other people as well as myself to come to accept and move on happily. I was diagnosed with HPV in March 2013 at a party after a lot of drinking and being irresponsible with no protection. I was only 19. I felt really odd for weeks and my vagina was hurting slightly. It bothered me so I went to my doctor who misdiagnosed me with thrush. After 2 or 3 months going to my doctor with almost no visible results, I decided to do my own research by reading and using Google (burning sensation and lumps on vagina) and the painful truth appeared in front of me: GENITAL WARTS. I felt like it was the end of my life. I broke down and could not stop crying! I felt like a disgusting human being. I was clueless, lost and did not know what to do! It came to the point that I couldn’t walk, eat or even sleep due to the depression and guilt. After a few days of not knowing what to do with my life, I decided to go back to my doctor and told her about my condition. He examined me, and from the look on his face, I knew it was going to be bad news. He said it was one of the most severe cases of HPV he had ever seen.  At the time, I was diagnosed with 30 – 4- small warts and it had even spread to my anus area as well (I did not have anal sex). I felt so hopeless and even thought about committing suicide.

I kept the whole situation a secret for a year (it’s extremely difficult to tell someone about your HPV condition) and chose to attend my doctor’ surgery every week for cryotherapy (freezing the warts off). Eventually, my doctor told me that he would have to refer me to a STI clinic as they’d have better equipment and technology to treat me more efficiently. The warts still didn’t get any better and as a matter of fact, they got worse. Keeping it a secret and hiding this pain for so long was killing me in side. I couldn’t do it on my own anymore and I felt like I need help and support from others. I broke down one day and told my parents. Fortunately, I was blessed with very supportive parents and they did not judge me one bit. I remember crying on my mom’s shoulder for that entire night. The next day, we sat down and decided to plan things out. My dad decided that both of them would come to the clinic with me to know more in details about the whole situation as well as helping me emotionally. The doctor at the clinic suggested me to try out VidaroX because other treatments had not been working. He told me a lot about how VidaroX was the new generation of medicine in genital warts treatment because they used nanoparticles in it. A small tube was almost $60 which was on the expensive side but, at the time, I did not really have much choices left.

When the packaged arrived, I was very nervous because I felt like I had been trying so hard and the results that I wanted hadn’t come yet, so it felt like this was my last hope. I had to put a lot of cream on my infected area because my warts were still very severe. The very first thing I noticed was that, soon after I put the cream on, the irritation from the warts literally vanished and that the pain was numbed. It already made me felt optimistic about the product because it has been so hard living with those painful genital warts. I was so nervous that I checked almost every 3 – 4 hours every day. After 2-3 days, I can visibly see the warts were subsiding! I yelled out in happiness and realized this might be the solution for me after all. Literally one week later, the warts were all gone! I called my doctor and thanked him then I called my mom and cry. It felt like I have finally got my life back, and that in the future if those warts come back, I would not be afraid of them anymore.

Although it was a really long and painful time, but I persevered through it and I survived. Now I am just as happy as I was before and, on the positive side, I am a much stronger person. I fully accept who I really am with all my conditions. By sharing this whole story, it was a mean for me to put a nail on the coffin of my depressing self that I no longer have. I really hope that, through reading this story, you would be able to gain strength and hope in the fight against HPV. Always remember that there are supportive people out there who would help you. You are not alone. I am here with you.


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