Vaginal Bumps: Do You Develop Genital Warts?

Vaginal Bumps: Do You Develop Genital Warts?

Have you ever experienced some bumps in the vagina? What could be in your mind? Are these bumps normal or an STD, like genital warts or genital herpes? There’re many thoughts in your mind if a bump presents in the vagina. In fact, vaginal bumps are caused by many factors. Keep reading to know what the bumps could be.

How Can You Develop Vaginal Bumps?

One day, you wake up and find out a bump or some small bumps in the genitals, you may become startled and worry. But there’re many causes of vaginal bumps. You can develop vaginal bumps because of irritation or a weakened immune system. However, these bumps sometimes signal an STD that you may ignore.

Bumps in your vagina can develop in many ways. For example, shaving “down there” can cause irritation that leads to bumps in the genital area. Or you may develop normal pimples in the vagina because of a hot body. In severe cases, vaginal bumps signal an STD which you’re infected through sexual activities.

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Vaginal Bumps- Do You Develop Genital Warts?

Although there’re many causes of vaginal bumps, genital warts could be to blame. Some small, skin-colored bumps which look like cauliflower are the first symptom of genital warts. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for this STD. You can easily contract it through skin-to-skin contact during sex.

If you experience small and soft bumps in the genital that are painless and discomfort, you should see your doctor to get tested. Treatment will depend on the severity of warts. The common cures may include topical creams, like Imiquimod 5% or Vidarox. Also, your doctor may prescribe alternative therapies, such as cryotherapy or laser to remove warts. However, these treatments can’t be completely treated genital warts. You may experience several genital wart recurrences. To prevent the recurrence, you should boost your immune system and have a healthy sex life.

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Vaginal bumps can signal genital warts

Vaginal bumps can signal genital warts

Vaginal Bumps- What Could These Be?

Besides genital warts, you’ve gotten vaginal bumps for many reasons. If you develop these bumps, here could be the reasons

  1. Genital Herpes

Vaginal bumps or sores are the specific symptoms of genital herpes. These sores are tingling and very painful. Apart from painful sores, you go through tingling, itching, and burning sensations. For the first herpes outbreak, it’s a severe infection that you can experience mild fever, body aches, and headaches.

As herpes is a highly contagious virus, it passes easily through sexual activities and skin contact. If you notice tingling, itching in the affected area and painful sores, you should check with your doctor soon. The doctor will prescribe antiviral medications and topical creams, like Acyclovir, Valtrex, and ProsurX to treat and prevent this virus from coming back. However, it’s possible to have genital herpes outbreaks during your lifetime.

  1. A Breakout

You may think that pimples were over with when you were out of your teens, but breakouts can still go with you in adulthood. Not only does a breakout occur on your face, but it also appears in your vagina. An outbreak in the vagina looks like any other types of acne, including irritated, red, and filled with pus.

To deal with it, you should avoid touching. Vaginal pimples usually heal on their own, touching them can worsen the infection.

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A breakout may lead to bumps in the vagina

A breakout may lead to bumps in the vagina

  1. Irritation By Shaving

Shaving down there can be a big concern of vaginal bumps. Besides making the skin along your bikini line itchy and red, it also causes ingrown hairs. Because of efforts to remove pubic hair in the vaginal area by shaving and waxing, the hairs which grow back can get trapped and infected. As a result, you suffer from irritated bumps and pain.

Vaginal bumps caused by shaving can go away on their own if you clean them and wear loose clothing. Stopping shaving in several weeks can prevent vaginal bumps from getting worse. It’s better to think about laser hair removal that can help you to avoid suffering  irritation by shaving.

  1. Sebaceous Cysts

Vaginal bumps may be a symptom of sebaceous cysts. Sitting at a desk during work-hours, working up a sweat at the gym, and wearing underwear all days aren’t good. They make your vagina not get enough fresh air. A stuffy environment between your thigh and rubbing against clothes can cause the growth of sebaceous cyst.

You may often found sebaceous cysts in the groin area. Warm can deal with the condition. If the condition becomes inflamed, you need to see your doctor to treat sebaceous cysts.

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Vaginal bumps may be a symptom of sebaceous cysts

Vaginal bumps may be a symptom of sebaceous cysts

Keep Your Vagina Healthy to Prevent Vaginal Bumps

Keeping your vagina health is effective in preventing vaginal bumps. The following tips are helpful for you

  • Clean your vagina once or twice a day and keep it dry
  • Change underwear every day and wear cotton underwear
  • Avoid douching as it can upset pH levels in the vagina
  • Skip perfume or scented feminine hygiene products
  • Wear a condom every time you engage with sex
  • Be in a monogamous relationship
  • Get STDs tested regularly
  • Do Kegel exercise

Vaginal bumps are caused by many factors. If you experience any bumps in the genital area that go with other symptoms, you should see your doctor to check soon.


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